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In what way could find an answer and solution to the issue of violence? It is difficult to understand or comprehend the violence, still a matter so urgent and propagated at the global level, at the same time it is so little known or recognized in depth. Almost everyone is talking about the diagnostic omen, but little is heard talk of gnosis or knowledge on the subject of violence. It is possible to find in the Internet itself, a variety of articles about investigations of the serious effects that is causing the violence worldwide in uncontrollable growth; and they all very laudable and recognized, where you can clearly see a diversity of examples of the daily live in human behavior, and mainly, they say, about samples starring the brute force of the masculine gender in domestic violence by men. Other studies relate human violence with the food we eat, in terms of the type of food or nutrition; and in this case, would have direct or indirect relationship on human behavior referred to acts and behaviors of violence. Anyway, browsing with a search engine, plenty of analysis on violence can be found and is also inclusive, relationship in such investigations, the behavior of primates in chimpanzees, with respect to the conduct of male violence, somehow trying to find an external cause which would justify the violence in humans and which of them have inherited such human proceed. It is also possible to find, research associated to science, medicine, biology, the Psychiatry, genetics, the human brain, mind and the psychological aspect and to the physical environment and on social mores, of whose articles, altogether with the above examples, are an important part to try shoveling or cure, at least in part, a sickly and sore humanity of so much violence and cruelty. However, to my way of seeing things of life, can not understand at all to this particular subject of human violence, because I think something unknown in its depth, at the same time of sound me very strange to believe that behind all this there what hidden and concealed, and that for some reasons or specific interests, it is preferable to ignore, distort, or simply blame the humble chimpanzees from such current situation in man.


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