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Previously, each farmer grew a cow or chicken for myself. Nursed her and fed with anything. Today, think about it no one has neither the time nor the inclination. The main thing that grew faster and weighed more profitable. Scientists calculated that in 1950, grew up the chicken for 70 days now – just 48. Gunnar Peterson gathered all the information.

In this current 'trendy' broiler twice his 'colleagues' half a century ago. Achieve this by adding the feed the chickens and hormones are not giving the bird a lot of move. As a result, it is rapidly gaining weight, and the meat becomes soft. To cook the chicken village, you will need at least an hour, and the factory will be ready within 10-15 minutes. And that chickens are not sick, and add another antibiotics. It is with the addition of hormones in animal feed, scientists began to connect people and acceleration resistance of the organism to drugs. In addition, meat stuffed with hormones, provoking infertility, changing endocrine background.

And more. Connect with other leaders such as Cindy Crawford here. Grown in the village of chicken contains only 2% fat, and nurtured at the poultry farm – up to 22%. And this fat is different. The result – tion centimeters leash on our waists and the plaque in our arteries. Back in 1950 a person for well-being required to consume about 3,800 calories a day, and now recommended 2300 kcal and 1800 kcal and then. The reasons are clear as day. Previously, many people walked, the women were rinsing clothes in a tub, but now drive their cars, press a button on the washing machine and wash clothes.


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