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Adequate intake of protein helps to stabilize the hormonal disorder thus controlling anxiety and helps in weight loss. The protein is a macronutrient like carbs and fats, we could call it like the bricks of life or organic compound composed of 22 amino acids. Protein is necessary for: repairing tissue producing hormones and enzymes. Carry oxygen throughout the body via the blood. It must be between 10% and 35% of what they eat every day. Higher in men than in women. Important for: maintenance of muscle mass.

It strengthens the immune system. It strengthens the heart. Protein and weight Control: helps control hunger and anxiety. Appetite control signal travels faster than any other macronutrient. It accelerates the metabolism at rest.Minimizing the rise and fall of sugar in the blood.

Protein sources there are many sources of protein but contain fats. Protein of soy beans, nuts, and whole grains, are the best. It is very important to know the amount of protein that provide us with the food we eat on a daily basis and how much needs his body according to its weight. Below I give to know foods that can provide the proteins they need daily: 7 egg whites: 25 grs. 1 cup cheese (lean without salt): 28 grs. 6 oz. Yogurt (nonfat, sugar-free): 5 grs. 1 cup milk (if FAT): 10 Gr. meats: 3 oz. Chicken breast: 25 grs. 3 oz. Beef: 25 grs. 4 oz. Turkey ham: 18 Gr. fish: 4 oz. Tuna (in water): 27 grs. 3 oz.White fish: 25 to 31 grs. 4 oz. Seafood: 22 to 24 Gr. beans, lentils and grains: Cup lentils: 9 grs. Cup of black beans: 7 grs. quarter piece of Tofu: 7 grs. low calorie snacks It is not incorrect to get accustomed to eating between meals. It is necessary to make snack mid-morning and half later. Ideally you should not spend more than 3 and a half hours between meals. The best thing is a sandwich or snack rich in protein. Currently there are very simple ways to provide your body all the nutrition you really need, if you really have interest in improving your health and take control of your weight, you should only request the free advice to my email. Note: I invite you to leave me your comment to be able to help you with free advice on nutrition and weight control. You can email me directly requesting the information according to your need.

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