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Each type of translation has its own characteristics and requirements for professional knowledge and skills, as well as on the physical data interpreter. Specifics of the work of translators is close to the specificity of the office worker. Translator, as well as any member of the office of almost 100% of the time spend using the computer, whether it works at home or in the translation. On the interpretation is different. Of oral interpreter requires constant mobility, agility and endurance. An interpreter always accompanied aliens, his work day ends, unlike office workers are not in a clearly specified time, and when business partners have come to common solutions, over a late dinner at a restaurant, put a burning project. Dan Ariely will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

That is, it could be much later than the normal working day ends with an office employee. It must be noted that all this time, the translator says, even when the rest of lunch or dinner. The exception here may be perhaps that interpretation. But this kind of translation is characterized by its own characteristics. Although this work and does not imply regular physical activity, for it is characterized by constant stress, which may lead to relevant diseases interpreter. Reviewing the activities of translators working in the state, we can note that it occupational risks are similar to the risk of any office worker. If we consider the activities of a freelancer who works with translation, and with its customers, its professional risks are directly depend on the mode of its work and its relevance in the translation market. Freelance translator, we could advise about the possibility of batch workload, and be sure to provide yourself time to relax. Outside Depending on the nature of each translator is exposed during the career risks to physical health. It is very important to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from them.

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