Private Health Insurance

by HFCadmin ·

For your private health insurance to pay too high posts? The number of those who no longer or only hard can bring your posts in the future is growing every day. The offers of insurance companies, to reduce the premium, are usually only increases the already high deductible (SB). With a change of tariff or tariff optimization save not only money each month, but receive also the nearly the same services as those who were insured before changing the tariff also in most cases. Specifically tariffs, which were completed prior to the is a modification or change to another company will be possible only if the so-called retirement provisions for the old insurer remain. Disadvantage for you: an above-average increase of your premium, even if this should be initially low. The “old year” and the compound interest effect related would be so lost.

Instead it is advisable an optimization within your existing health insurance according to section 204 VVG to perform, so there there age provisions remain and in case of a change of tariff be applied fully. High contribution savings and yet another building to your retirement provision are the result without to start again from scratch. An example shows the advantage: suppose your contribution per month amounted to (without compulsory care) 750 EUR per insured month in a collective work completed 25 years ago. Meanwhile, this insurance has set up the second or even third generation of collective and this created similarly attractive prices. Not seldom considerably lower than comparable rates from previous period.

Now, the retirement provision of the old tariff with reasonable fees of the new tariff would be charged in the event of a change. So current post 750 EUR/monthly After tariff change 420 EUR/monthly Saving approximately 330 EUR/monthly approximately 44% and it does not matter which are currently present infirmity or disease! The 204 of the insurance contract Act (VVG) gives you right there. Unfortunately, the companies find always excuses and Variant why a change just when you should not go.

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