Pregnancy Hardships

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Not every can devote themselves to continuing the fight for their happiness But despite all this, there are brave souls among us who do not go in the wake of public opinion and build their lives as their heart dictates: create a family devote themselves to each other, have children and are very happy. Svetlana in my personal life, everything turned a little differently. It is known that from the outset in every woman laid maternal instinct. And while growing up, she wisely aware that due to movement disorders, it is unlikely it will be possible to experience the feeling of motherhood, the heart continued to hope for a miracle. For a long time, she is jealous of the good for all pregnant women, their rapid the future of motherhood. But in the thirty-three years and she will be lucky to experience this feeling. However, by the beginning of her joy was not shared by almost no one: neither parents nor friends, except two or three people. Doctors, immediately, with one voice, insisting on an abortion.

"But how can you go nine months with such a burden? And how to give birth at such a spastic diplegia? What if a child too sick to be born? "- They terrified her. Svetlana excited only at the last occasion. Although she knew that cerebral palsy in most cases is inherited. Decided, against all odds, to keep the baby. Time the Lord gave such happiness means to survive When her pregnancy became noticeable, Svetlana saw that many others, it causes shock.

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