Pregnancy and Nutrition

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Torchinova Irina Head Office of gynecological clinic MerMed, a gynecologist and endocrinologist, a doctor of the highest category. tel. (495) 980-72-17 Pregnancy – a test of a woman's health. If the female body all balanced and harmonious, the pregnancy – is the best and most amazing time in my life. During pregnancy a woman's attitude changed and it was at this time, she should receive only positive emotions and warm care of themselves from others close to her. To correct the course of pregnancy should respect the work and rest, nutrition, hygiene. The diet should be individualized, with high calorific, vitamin, easily digestible, rich in complete proteins and minerals.

Eat small meals should be up to 5 – 6 times a day, with the exception of spicy food and alcohol. Eat Right! The ration must include: dairy products, because they contain calcium, fish, meat – a source of protein, fruits and vegetables – sources of vitamins and fiber. Should be avoided: tea, coffee in large quantities, excessive salt intake and sugar – this leads to fluid retention. Give up soft drinks as they contain large amounts of sugar, preservatives, carbon dioxide, which can lead to allergic reactions. Let us recall the winged expression: "The sun, air and water – our best friends" – it is for us could not be more helpful. Pregnant woman should strictly observe hygiene: daily shower and change clothes. Lingerie – cotton, freely, without constraining movements; comfortable shoes without heels (because the uncomfortable shoes can lead to cramping calf muscle, edema of the legs, varicose veins of the lower extremities).


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