Preconceived Ideas About Food

by HFCadmin ·

In the second case that we all have preconceived ideas about food and the nutritional value of food. Many of these ideas come from our childhood and the mindset of our parents, especially our mother and that makes us inadequate eating habits and alter diet programs that give us, even when they are supervised by experts. After all patients have small traps that often are ruining the program. It is also important to recognize the value of exercise in addition to any diet. Remember that we are made to move on foot across the plains and jungles, climbing and running and not riding a car and go up in elevators. That makes our body respond to the sedentary life of the twenty-first century disproportionate increase in weight. The human body has not had time to adapt to our new lifestyle and we are still begging for food like we have to make large amounts of exercise and spend about three thousand calories a day. But what happens is we do not spend even two thousand and the rest accumulates in tires that many we look around the waist and both want to delete.

The effect of exercise is not only the amount of calories that are lost, but the change in body composition with increased muscle mass or "lean" at the expense of fat and also called "thermogenic effect of exercise," which means that, after a session of about half an hour, your metabolism remains increased for several hours, a condition that we continue to lose weight. "Any diet serves." This is a statement often heard, but not true. The reality is that when we conduct individualized caloric intake, we found significant differences in the amount of calories a person uses at rest (resting metabolic expenditure) and exercise (active metabolic rate). So it is necessary to analyze the conditions of each patient and the type of activity carried out to design a nutritional plan to suit your personal needs and needs to a professional nutritionist monitoring to assure success, provided when we have the motivation and cooperation of patients and their families. The issue of diet, then, is not simple and should not be taken lightly. Naturally you will fail if it does not follow the appropriate guidelines and may even become seriously ill. See a qualified center and find a nutrition professional advise and monitor your nutrition plan. Only then can obtain the desired shape and weight.

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