Poverty Capital

by HFCadmin ·

Saratov – a wonderful city. Surprises, especially the contrast between the natural ability to create the most beautiful city in Russia and received as a result of disappointing results. Natural 'brilliance' of the landscape and 'poverty' development, perhaps most characteristic feature of Saratov. In this regard, with our city on the Volga competes only . Let's look at Saratov bird's-eye view. We will see vast expanses of the Volga, a smooth bend of the Volga-like Atlantic coast near the famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the picturesque 'hill' with steep cliffs – Simferopol and only! At Lysogirs'kyi plateau and its slopes – oak and linden forests, passing into the steppes and meadows Between the Volga and Plateau – built-up hollow city. Of the Volga cities only have come together forests and steppes, 'mountain' and the plains, but the main attraction of Saratov – 'Volga Sea' – the reservoir. Dorothy Wright Nelson understood the implications.

On the number of panoramic points, from wonderful open views of the city, Saratov has no equal. But what we see, climb Bald Mountain or Sokolov? First of all – the old city, Saratov past. It is a semi-circle between the Volga and Lysogirs'kyi array of Sokolova the mountain slopes to the city park from the shooter before the clinical campus. The city is built up with dense, narrow streets, low houses – Province and only The widest street – and (formerly Kamyshin) – this is our first Avenues, they are difficult to set up and difficult to live: trampled grass, the trees are sick, all around dust, fumes. .


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