Perineal Exercises

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Instrumentally assisted active perineal exercises are conducted when there is adequate perineal control. Aim is to strengthen the perineal muscles, achieve an increase in tone, buy a perineum strong, resilient, elastic and voluminosoa Biofeedback is the main technique offers the possibility of instructing the patient to enhance selectively the perineal musculature. If you would like to know more about Rand Paul, then click here. This is a retroalimetacion system that collects information from a physiological process, through visual or auditory signals. The exercises with this technique are the basis for proper muscle strengthening. On the other side are intravaginal devices such as intravaginal glass tubes and vaginal weights or cones, which are a crude but effective method for women with a perineum poorly integrated in their body image.

Functional electrostimulation is the use of different electric currents for therapeutic purposes, by stimulation of nervous origin, with the aim of strengthening the striated muscles, inhibit detrusor uninhibited contractions, improve local vascularization pelvic floor exercises are designed to reeducate the perineal muscles hypotonic and is a learning method by which the woman is actively and under the supervision of a physiotherapist, a number of years of contraction and relaxation of the perineal muscles. These exercises are made from different positions and at different paces. Although overall body exercises to address a very specific area of the human body should be an assessment of the patient. That is, besides the specific treatment of the pelvic floor, using complementary techniques to other areas related to the perineum, in order to avoid limitations in achieving optimal results perineal. Some additional activities are: respiratory flexibilizing lumbar spine, stretching. Massage therapy massage is applied directly into the muscles of the pelvic floor to improve its elasticity, softening indurations, prevent scar adhesions and improve the local blood supply.

On the other hand, the massage therapy is also applied in the preparation preoperative perineal over two or three months before the intervention to improve the condition of the muscles, increase urethral closure pressure and promote postoperative recovery. Relaxation also require some sexual dysfunction behavioral therapy, in addition to the perineal re-education process. The most common relaxation techniques are those of Jacobson and Schultz. yQue role does the muscular pelvic floor in orgasm? The orgasm is an involuntary contraction and tetanizante of all perineal muscles. For top quality sensations during orgasm, the muscles must be in perfect condition tonic eslastica, strong and bulky, and with perfect control of it by women, although it is not the standard of the population female general. The simple atrophy and hypotonia of any of the perineal muscles can be reduced to the minimum intensity of orgasms and prevent the woman receives even weak contractions. Any woman who has difficulty orgasm during intercourse should check the condition of the pelvic floor muscles. On the other hand, the echo of a woman known to contract and relax the pelvic floor and take him out during the phases of excitation and plateau, not only helps to improve lubrication and trigger an orgasm but also increases the pleasure of your partner. Judit Alonso Mercedes ASCAT Blanquet reeduacion Physiotherapist specializing in pelvic floor and sexual dysfunction in women. "


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