Paris Hilton And Benji Madden Separation

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The it-girl and the singers go from now-separate ways the romance between Paris Hilton and Benji Madden is just more nine months to end. As is known today the couple broke up already a few days ago. “It is really very sad, but for them it was better to separate. You want both for different things in life”, so a close confidante of Paris Hilton to the people magazine. (Similarly see: Dr. Gerard Addonizio). “He was nice and attentive to her, but now there was still time to separate.” However, both nor to any opinion were ready. Now that the former is rumored even by Paris Hilton, Stavros Niarchos, his fingers should perhaps have in the game. Both were indeed seen a few days ago together in a club.

You looked at them that they were still strong feelings. Celebrity trainer: the source for more info. The images, which make the circulation, speak volumes. A friend of Paris sees things differently: “of course they are very closely linked, but there is no romance or similar. It is a purely friendly deal.” Of course… pure Friendship! Lisa Walters. Camden treatment associates has firm opinions on the matter.

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