Overtraining With Weight Training Or Cardio

by HFCadmin ·

To grow the muscles must fully recover from his last workout, every workout. If you’re over-training and work the muscles before they have recovered completely, you will stop the muscle tissue before it has been reconstructed, HCAA impossible to develop the muscle! Over-weight training makes you more susceptible to hormones in the nervous system and immune system problems, all of which pose serious health risks. It can lead beginners down the wrong path, perhaps to throw their money on unnecessary supplements, or worse, steroids. I personally believe that only competitive athletes such as swimmers, runners and cyclists are at serious risk of reaching a state of over-training for cardio, as they often train two or more hours a day. In conclusion, it is much easier than the average person on-train while weight training than when training with cardio, I also believe that the effects may be more serious.

How to determine if I’m Over-training? Determine if you are currently over-training is fairly simple. If you are in tune with your body you can often see the signs of overtraining before they become serious. If you are losing interest in the exercises, have trouble sleeping, you feel weak and irritable, you’re probably in a state of overtraining and you should take a week or more off. If you are experiencing two or more of the symptoms previously described in the article, this should raise your red flag. Another variable that can be used to determine if you are over-training is keeping track of your performance in every workout.

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