Orchid Snails

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Orchids have big enemies. One of them are snails. Silent pest that can ruin the beauty of the flowers and foliage of your orchids in a silent and dangerous way. To prevent this from happening, you need to discover and implement effective practical tips that keep your orchids always this annoying pest-free. Despite the beauty of the orchids, they do not escape have big enemies.

Orchids have enemies ranging from almost harmless to very dangerous, therefore, that could eliminate them in a matter of days. One of these silent enemies of your orchids are snails. They are not very fast pests in its action, but they are capable of completely ruining the flowers and foliage of your plants. You have to take care of your orchids. Why get the snails to orchids? Snails eggs are swept away by the water, especially when you are using water sources such as rivers or lakes. These eggs can also become attached to other garden plants you have in your House. When you arrive at the floor or to the pot your orchids, they begin to reproduce and grow to eventually invade to your plants.

What are damages that produce the snails in the orchids? Snails gnaw the soft parts of your orchids. Specifically, they produce damage in flowers and the most tender parts of the roots. They can reach to open holes in the petals of the flowers of orchids, the showiness of them leaving completely ruined. To eating roots make sure orchids are very limited in order to take water and nutrients they need to grow. The negative result will not wait: you’ll see how little by little leaves start to yellow and your Orchid will show a tired and wrinkled appearance. Most importantly: How can you prevent or cure your orchids of snails? I prevent: This is the most effective thing you can do for your orchids.

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