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Always had the reference that the Oatmeal fattening, later defended this preconception as it had complex carbohydrates, but the truth is that this idea is false: Oatmeal is not fattening (obviously as always who consume it is to extent and in a balanced way). To get an idea, the healthy eating site points out that two tablespoons provides approximately 100 calories. Jim Hackett might disagree with that approach. The Oatmeal by itself is not fattening if it is part of a healthy diet with balance, moderation, variety and physical activity, which includes the consumption of other foods rich in fiber, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, low fat dairy and other cereals or whole grain flours, advises that site. We should clarify, moreover, fat containing is called unsaturated (the cereal with the highest percentage of this is), that it is healthy and it is generally recommended that it be part of our diet. Then, must stop thinking about the idea of oatmeal fattening (ever heard the phrase, in a discussion about whether it was a healthy food or not, that shook it to the) pigs to fatten them).

On the contrary, oats can help us lose weight. On the one hand, its consumption leaves a feeling of satiety (Nothing fills both as a good oatmeal soup); the reasoning is simple but true: with less hunger, less we eat and therefore weigh less. But Furthermore this cereal is one of the best sources of fiber, which help a lot to lose weight & control obesity. Although it is not a font that I like to use, wikipedia notes: diets rich in fiber can help control obesity for several reasons: first, the fiber-rich diets have fewer calories in the same volume of food; Second, this type of diets facilitate ingestion of less amount of food since they extend the time chewing and by its volume, help to more quickly produce the sensation of satiety; and finally, diets rich in fiber kidnap part of sugars and ingested fats, slowing its absorption, thereby reducing the final energy input.

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