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Many times and many people who decide to improve their nutrition just hear to do diet already condition to feel upset and as with limits that they will make your everyday life a torment. The first thing before starting to subtract quantity of food or dieting taken from magazines that have nothing to do with health, several factors should be considered to correct: 1 – starting with the amount of times we boday. Doing so little eating snack and eating rapidly only managed to damage our stomach and increase weight not be able our digestive system to produce the food bowl to extract its components, that will transform and nourish our body. 2 hours, the spaces between a meal and the next. The same schedule and the amount of food ingested, because it isn’t the same ingest too much in the morning considering the activity to develop in our day, that if we do it in the afternoon or at dinner where only left a couple of hours to go to rest and all the energy consumed only It will be reserved as adipose tissue with consequent weight gain. 3 be aware of composition with greater amount of natural products and little processing to avoid the loss of properties of the food. 4. increase the amount of fruit, starting with breakfast.

5 as with cereals should not miss in our daily diet. 6 drinking fluids especially water and away from meals for not blending the gastric juice and thus avoid slow down digestion. There are natural products that improve our digestion and absorption of food, and also acting as plug-ins to improve the properties of the same, as being: the germ of wheat, algae, lecithin of soya, Brewer’s yeast, these products are sold over-the-counter at any naturist home and do not have effects that impair our health. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Senator From Kentucky. The recommendation is simple respect these basic rules of food will be noticing how your energy will go on increase and weight reduction without having to wrangle with a super strict diet and that leads to problems if they are not controlled by professional specialist.

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