Nutrilite Vitamins

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Daily amount of calcium is about 1000 mg, we are in the best case we get from food 400 mg. Doctors believe that the systematic supply the body with calcium improves bone status of 2-3. Calcium is especially important for young and old. Up to 20-year life of the human skeleton dials up to 90% of bone mass, and in this period is especially important to supply the body calcium. Source: Rand Paul. It is important that calcium is ingested together with magnesium (2:1 ratio).

Imbalance in favor of calcium leads to a rapid washout of magnesium from the body. The proper balance helps keep calcium in the soluble form, which greatly helps the kidneys. B-complex – in this preparation is extensive group of vitamins, and each of kotoryhrabotaet in their particular area. Vitamin B – Bread for the nervous system. It is recommended take vitamin B complex.

Surplus of one of the vitamins in this group entails a sharp decrease in the body of others. Drugs firm Nutrilite contain all the necessary vitamins in the amounts and proportions recommended by nutritionists. However, our bodies are essential and other vitamins. Multikarotin – the source of the various carotenoids. The most famous yavlyaetsyabetakarotin (pro-vitamin A), which is converted in the body human vitamin A only when it the need arises. Vitamin A is essential for normal growth and functioning of the organs of hearing, sight, smell and taste. It is necessary for the development of healthy tissue, bone, tooth enamel, Skin, hair. If sufficient quantities for the body acts as an antioxidant.


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