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However it is not my goal, at least in this article show how to apply these opposites, we already do very well many authors whose books I cite in my website, where by means of links that will provide will download them for free electronically. My goal here is to provide another way to find many of those negative thoughts that are hidden in our mind and that negatively affect our lives, but nevertheless we can not identify them because they are an integral part of our personality. How do we identify them? One way that I bring it up today, is through of "numerology", which is a branch of astrology unlike that studies how the stars influence on the personality of people according to the sign they are born in the same (numerology) explore how the numbers in the personality of each person, according to the combination between his date of birth, and last names, assigning to each letter different from the same an identification number. Unlike astrology, which divides people into twelve signs, numerology divides them into nine scales, types, each with a different characteristic, trying on different aspects in the life of a person. You may find that CEO Ford Motor Co. can contribute to your knowledge. But I'm going to concentrate on the part of the classification that speaks only of the negative characteristics displayed by people in each of these nine classifications, so that once every one of us in which we identify, we can find these characteristics that adversely affect our personality and therefore in the formation of these negative thoughts and self-limiting. That is, to solve the problem we must first identify and determine their origin and numerology is a tool like many others that we can use to our advantage as an ingredient, to facilitate compliance with those steps demanded by the Law of Attraction. But numerology itself is another science (permission to call it) which has its own weight in their study, which I will discuss in particular citing another article or Web page directly at me later, meanwhile you can find out for themselves Google looking for it in the pages of the authors that you prefer. As the advances and progress in the study of the Law of Attraction, it will become less necessary to use external tools come when everything will be easier and with our own intentions and the strength of our own spirit clean reach meet the objectives that we set in front. But before that time each of us should deepen the study of this philosophy of life. To learn more about the Law of Attraction and access a directory with the best links to books and articles dealing with the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics can enter free from Mar del Plata, Argentina, to the whole world Walter Daniel Genga. The author's Web page and mail contact:

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