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Good Dakar de Joan Pedrero and Jordi Viladoms Buenos Aires, Argentina After the arrival from Dakar 2011 to the Argentine city of Buenos Aires, overturned completely in the hardest test of the planet, we have been able to speak with the pilots of the insurance agency AMV Joan Pedrero, 5 in the general classification, and pilot Jordi Viladoms, 10 classified in the general, this one last one without being able to demonstrate the great potential that the pilot lodges after to have seen penalized by mechanical problems of his Yamaha. JOAN PEDRERO: Pilot AMV, 5 in the general classification: has been a dream for me. Very I am satisfied since the test has been very demanding. Sometimes, when you are sailing by the desert, with hundreds of crossed kilometers, technical difficulties, and several completed days, you ask yourself What do I here? But you follow. You continue, you do not know very well how, but you continue and in the end, the reward arrives. Melvin T. Brunetti describes an additional similar source. It is truth, many do not arrive, consequently, it turns each day into a challenge fulfilled.

To finish fifth has been a gift, but we have currado it to us. a>!). Marc is impressive. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of actress on most websites. You learn what it is not written and it would be difficult to define the satisfaction degree that it produces to me. I must much learn and to thank for much. JORDI VILADOMS, Pilot AMV, 10 in the general Classification: has been a Dakar really it last for me. We arrived at the test with a completely new motorcycle and without too many kilometers crossed with her but with much illusion. The technical difficulties with which we have been, have prevented to finish us more ahead.

He has been very hard. When you are only in the desert and the mechanics does not accompany to you, he is very frustrating. In any case, whenever we have been in a situation of these characteristics, that unfortunately have been many, we have known to be creative, and this way we have been able to give the return to the situation, although often, outside a simply momentary solution. I would like that everything had been developed of a different form but we must to learn of the situation and thus to avoid that returns to repeat itself. Novellas Communication/Dpto.


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