North Pole

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The magnetism of the Earth is a kind of invisible irradiation which science has not managed even knowing too much. It is known that originates in the center of the planet and extends towards outer space protecting the planet for example from solar winds. In addition the terrestrial magnetism is that helps us orient ourselves with a compass or serves animals in their migratory journeys. However currently the magnetic poles of the earth does not coincide with the geographical poles because the Earth’s magnetic field varies according to the geological eras. During the last five million years have been more than twenty investments, not knowing is when will be the next, because this does not follow a regular sequence. Having discovered a weakening accused of Earth’s magnetic field, assumes that you no discard a next reversal of the poles. In fact there are places where the magnetic field is already invested, for example in the South Atlantic.

Where, is something that no scientist can say with accuracy. Through simulations made by computer, we know that in a reversal of the Poles, that it is not another thing that the Poles shift position, terrestrial magnetic field is chaotic for many years. s is often quoted as being for or against this. And as the magnetic field acts as a shield against cosmic radiation, in case of its weakening, solar winds will reach the Earth with much more intensity, with corresponding implications for life, i.e. concentrated emission of Gamma Rays would kill if not to all, Yes to many living beings. Even is not known with certainty if the human body could continue to exist with the way that know it, since without the magnetism in the body, the life is not possible. Animal and the vegetable worlds would suffer equally major modifications.

In this you can see that even with modern science and obtained numerous advances, yet is he cannot comprehend fully what the spirit of God us aired 25 years ago through the prophetic Word, and that we can read in the book the Editorial life Universal origin and formation of diseases, for example than our destructive behavior with environmental consequences, has seen from a more long-term perspective of what we can imagine today. Especially that diseases have to do with the destruction of the planet Earth. Also that if we destroy the magnetic fields, we also destroy our body. Something about what we should reflect, since man is part of nature, a component of the Earth and therefore it is logical to imagine that what we do to the Earth, our place of origin, to ourselves we are doing us. Radio Santec Ana Saez Ramirez 45.271.959 R original author and source of the article

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