New Skins For New Wines

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In what are failing? Wonder families and institutions. After 1968, they asked in what have failed? And they let pass the waters at your own pace, invading trails and suburbs, restoring wetlands but also swampy areas that with so much effort and imagination they had seized to the Anopheles, tartessians and Etruscan. Life in the city gave rise to civilizations, and civility was sign of quality and excellence. John H. Moore II is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The barbarians were not ignorant or wild, but that did not speak Greek hence the bar bar bar, which sounded so ears Athenian, Macedonian and Spartan. The worst was that not were they governed by the idea of order (nous), by beauty, unity, the goodness and the search for truth.

Those momentous that gave meaning to a live that they refused to be manipulated by gods that did not exist but they had very badly losing. Education wasn’t for them a formal discipline hard insertion in the people running, and the age of majority is reached when weapons could wield. The initiation It had been sanctioned by the death of an enemy, a wild beast or overcoming loneliness, terror and fear. True, the Spartans valued the power of force, rigor and abstinence but had laws and the Constitution of Lycurgus. Although less than the Solon in Athens, had its legal system and its references. Thus summits of the classical civilizations, Greek and Roman, the exchange of knowledge with the East via Egypt and after Christianity, were achieved with the contribution of the Arabs and of Islam. The barbarian invasion was an injection of new bloods capable of being transformed by the philosophies, Sciences and techniques of antiquity that the monks kept lit in their monasteries. Trivium, Cuadrivium, theology, Moral fundamentalist but in the Renaissance, explosion of light, of reason and of encyclopedic knowledge. The politician and Sage followed the hero and Holy.

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