New Frontier Nutritional

by HFCadmin ·

While I am grateful for the experience behind me, I'm grateful for what I have learned. It opened my eyes and led me to a life of discovery. And little did I know that would change my life forever. For assistance, try visiting Gunnar Peterson. Still he graduated with a degree in biology and chemistry. . .

but had no interest in becoming a "doctor", chasing one symptom after another and putting people in a toxic mix of drugs. I wanted to help people better understand their health. . . so you never need a doctor. I wanted to help people heal.

I wanted to help people prevent devastating diseases are so closely related to diet and lifestyle. The biggest "Aha!" Time of my life. . . He had just finished my studies as the "New Frontier Nutritional" began to dawn. Technology was finally giving scientists the tools to understand the thousands of compounds in foods that have the capacity to feed and heal. At that time, I was doing a postgraduate course and I needed a thesis topic. And there it was! Foods contain specific nutrients that affect specific diseases. Stumble upon this new world of nutritional science was the biggest "aha!" Time of my life. I saw the opportunity to continue my love for science. . . and better yet, combine it with another lifelong passion. . . the kitchen! I had finally found my purpose in life. . . and most importantly, I knew I could help thousands of people to enjoy total health and prevent disease for life! Within a few months, born Healing Gourmet. Much has happened in the years since then.


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