Natural Stone Marble

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It is also important care natural stone, the main two stages is the cleaning and protection. Main – this wet cleaning the surface, but before it started to get rid of accumulated garbage on it. If the surface of polished granite, the brush should be dry and mild, if unpolished – a brush – you need to take a harder. Very effective at this stage the use of conventional vacuum cleaner, especially on the unpolished stone, then you can put on a special surface hardeners. The smaller stone is exposed to negative externalities for him, the longer it will last. It is also important to remember that the polished and unpolished surface of the marble and granite require different care and different degrees of protection.

Modern granite perhaps the most durable and affordable at the same time raw material for recovery and enrichment of any interior, whether home, office, restaurant, or ulichnogo.Dostoinstvo marble also is that it does not restrict our ability, it is used for exterior finishes and decorations, to decorate the inside of the premises (such as luxurious bathrooms) for finishes fireplace. Manufacturing technology of marble goes deeply rooted in antiquity, since even if people noticed the rich natural beauty of marble, the strength of marble. Once the marble statues, walls and floors, marble were sacred things is not for everyone accessible even to contemplate, in our days the purchase of marble available in , and diversity of this natural gift is capable of in the two accounts take us in that ancient atmosphere, though this time it will be exactly as we wish. Marble and granite slabs on the date one of the most practical and convenient flooring and walls, both in the household, and in workplaces, they are durable and they have not been so difficult to maintain. Everyone today can create in your room "nook of antiquity" of the room is decorated with exquisite marble and granite accessories, or as a special part of the room decorated with these noble stone. The use of marble and granite in our days is not rare, in fact before us the many architectural and design features. With the help of an artificially aged natural stone can get a special effect, and the beauty of granite and marble will add luxury and nobility of your surroundings.


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