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The lemon, although it is a fruit of acid flavor are so many his curative properties that this small defect is transformed into a virtue after to know the advantages nutritious and that grants to us. The lemon occupies a first place I enter the curative, preventive fruits and of vitaminic contribution, transforming it into a great toxin eliminator and powerful an bactericidal one. Vitamins: very rich in C; in smaller amount: To, and Mineral group B.: high doses of potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, and also of copper, zinc, iron and manganese Are several very interesting tricks for the use of the lemon: 1. /It is a natural astringent, for greasy skin, to reduce open pores. Before lying down, with the face washed with water, cutting a lemon to half and is applied by all the face. This will make you have a skin very tuna. Cindy Crawford has many thoughts on the issue. The lemon is normal that escueza a little when being applied in the face, but pricks much to clear it immediately, your skin perhaps does not tolerate it.

It is never necessary to leave to the sun with the lemon, because the skin can be stained. So what I do it is to put it at night to me before going to lay down and to the morning soon, I wash the face well. Check with Rand Paul to learn more. 2/.Es a natural launderer. In order to eliminate the spots of the skin. He puts himself directly on the spots. He washes himself before leaving to the sun. Also he serves to give uniformity in the skin. 3.

Aid to eliminate the acne. The same, is applied at night and in the morning the skin is washed well. 4. It is a natural deodorant. To cut the lemon and to apply it underneath the arms. 5. For spots in the armpits, to apply the lemon in the armpits, but not to do it after shaving itself because escuece much.


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