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It is recommended, lastly, add to the Earth, or sprayed on the leaves, chelates of iron and other micronutrients in order to provide for iron deficiency and thus have more green leaves. This is done once a month. Our garden has to be throughout the year free of weeds. There are several techniques, such as placing a mesh anti herbs, pads or mulching the traditional way is to boot with the help of a hoe. Taking constancy over time weeds will rebrotando with less force and increasingly less. A very effective trick is to water the day before starting the weeds, come out better. Throughout the year there are to make a PRUNING of branches dry, broken, diseased, branches that obstructing the passage of persons, branches that have grown much (pacifiers), sprouts that may have appeared from the same root, flowers and past fruits, branches that are totally gone green in variegated plants according to the type of plant that is there are tricks to perform a good pruning: Trees, shrubs, vines and rosales are pruned in the winter.

Formal hedges require at least 2 cuts per year, but in milder climates, of Mediterranean type, will take between 3 and 5 to keep them perfectly shaped. The perennials and season if they are larguiruchas and little dense you must trim slightly tips outbreaks to cause lateral stems to develop and make a more compact and ramified mata. They thus give more amount of flowers. Oregano, peppermint, lemon balm, lavender, thyme, Sage, Santolina crop them after flowering to provoke a new healthy development; If not, become Woody. Finally there to control pests and diseases. If you cultivate your plants correctly, with its irrigation, its fertilizer, enough light, etc., will be strong and vigorous and will be far more resilient to attacks from disease and pests. Inspect blades often to discover the presence of parasites or any sign of disease. The sooner you discover them, the easier your control.

Attention to pests more frequent such as the aphid, cochineal and whitefly. If the previous year had been strong attacks of any plague or fungus, it is logical to be repeated again, you must therefore, preventively treated with insecticides or fungicides. It preventively roses once a month with fungicide to prevent fungi such as powdery mildew, downy mildew, black spot and rust. The butterfly of the geranium must be combated it spraying every 15 days; see symptom or not. Hand capture beetles, caterpillars, worms, snails, slugs these last night after a rain or watering. You can use ladybugs to partially control the aphid. Collects all that you see (adults and larvae), put them in a box and distribute them by the attacked plants of aphid. Cuts and burns the leaves that have been attacked by fungi. . In Urbecom there is an online store where you can buy any type of machinery destined for gardening. is called. Likewise, can also be purchased in the shop online of industrial, agricultural and forestry machinery. This company provides a service of sale and distribution of this type of machinery. The best thing is to visit it. They have a great variety of products at very good prices and providing a very professional service.

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