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O2M, a recycling company for electronic goods. With these three acquisitions, the Group continued its external growth strategy, and can point to six acquisitions within 2 years. Through these acquisitions and the subsidiaries newly founded by SPB, the group is now active in five key European markets: Germany, Spain, France, Britain and Italy, and also Poland, the tragkraftigsten market in Central Europe. The Group has not only geographically expanding, but developed new offers for new needs. Innovations and successes of 2010 include: creation of new, trendy solutions: offerings for the insurance of the iPad (sales in the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Belgium), insurance for game consoles, which was a huge success (the number of one million was exceeded in 2010) and the growth of the Geschaftsttatigkeit when Credit insurance.

New developments for guarantees, where SPB has been present since 2009: these insurance companies extend the original guarantees on theft/destruction and an advanced product segment (white, Brown, grey). Diversification of the offer on other activities: online sold insurance Citymain, organization and troubleshooting computer hardware by SPB and Citymain (through its subsidiary Burnett) and the recycling of electronic equipment by O2M warranty cases. The support of large customers with two new French supermarket chains in the year 2010 (Auchan, Leclerc) and strengthening the relationships with key players such as Media Markt, GameStop/Micromania and Carrefour in view of new developments in Europe. In Germany, Garant SPB strengthening its market position since 1992 and expanded their product offerings by warranty solutions for the IT, computer and electronics industries. Among others the German subsidiary also offers guarantee solutions for kitchen appliances in collaboration with the XXXL Corporate group, a strategic step for SPB guarantor, which expands its sales in Germany. The major challenges in 2011 after an eventful year with the integration of new societies and the European development is the main challenge for 2011 is to consolidate these developments and to exploit the synergies at group level, together with about 1,000 employees.

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