Looking Good For Customers

by HFCadmin ·

Is it free of litter, chewing gum and cigarette butts, and is the gateway clean and bright? Are your windows clean and free of signs or posters in bad taste? Are your plants and clean the floor? A customer in our business recently told me that the return air vents were dusty and dirty. Since I am not in the habit of looking at the ceiling, I was happy with their contribution and undertook to do so immediately! What boards and menus, if customers can dirty lose their appetite. Are you using a smelly rag to clean the tables with a smell left on the table? Customers think it's more hygienic if you use a spray cleaner and paper towels, but be sure to use a paper towel to clean the seats and one for the tables. Check with your health department to see what cleaning solution is needed for your area. Bathrooms should be clean, equipped, free of odor, have no graffiti in the stalls or doors, and have adequate lighting.

Teach your staff to check this often during the day. Staff: Good manners are a must! Say "please, thank you, and I can help you be a requirement.. Also make it a rule that have to be professional and do not use offensive language or missing. Remember, this begins with you and how to treat your staff . The body language is another part of morality. Never look, look beyond a client, set eyes. Instead smile (without smile indicates indifference) to eyes, and greet your customer as soon as possible.

Customers are less likely to leave when you're busy, if they are recognized immediately. Accuracy: give customers your full attention and repeated his order to them. Everyone makes mistakes, including the client and this will help ensure they get what they want. Even doing this, sometimes the client will tell you your order is not correct, but never on the defensive despite knowing that they were the culprits. Apologize and tell them you want to make the right order. The provision of adequate staff: If your employees are overworked, not affected with precision or good customer service and no time for planting or cleaning. Employees tend to burn more quickly if you are overworked. Finally, thanks to the client and bid them farewell. This will leave you with a general sense of a positive dining experience.

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