Keeping Food Fresh

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Optimally freeze your food and make you therefore for a longer shelf life foods freeze – it is different types of freezers to food in the frozen state for several weeks, months or years making durable, important to set the correct temperature. Should the temperature at minus 18 degrees Celsius are, so that food for a long time are durable. This temperature should be selected for each freezer. Freezers have a large volume in which the frozen food is kept. If fresh food in the freezer are added, so it should be placed near the bottom, to get faster in the Frost condition. Freezers can be found in different variations and price classes CoolandCook (www.coolandcook.de/ freezers…) or Polartwist (www.polartwist.de/..Tiefkuehltruhen.html) storage cabinets, however, are mostly equipped with a freezer of before, where the fresh food can be frosted faster. It is important that. that the food is sealed and no air cushion inside the freezer bags.

These prevent rapid freezing of food and need more space. Food cool – different types of refrigerators and to store food for a short time, a refrigerator is often sufficient cooling zones. This has different cooling zones. Quickly perishable food should be stored as possible at the bottom. Cold air sinks and pushes the warmer air upward.

Also the rear area of the refrigerator, where the cooling cells are located, is cooler than the front area. Thus, meat and sausages at the bottom should be stored. Medium range from dairy products such as cheese or yogurt. Different types of fruit and vegetables should be in the vegetable compartment space. The top part of the refrigerator has a temperature of about 8 Celsius depending on the setting of the thermostat. Ready meals, preserves or canned foods can be kept here. For high and an American fridge sense can make large space requirements. Information can be found on. Food without mandatory refrigeration / retention measures varieties of fruit must not necessarily be stored in the refrigerator. Especially exotic fruits such as bananas, avocados or Kiwis would spoil faster in the refrigerator and should be stored at room temperature so. So that fruits and vegetables can be stored for more varieties of fruit and vegetables, which excrete ethylene, should be stored separately. These cause a faster process of rotting broccoli or cabbage, because they react very negatively on ethylene. Test capability, whether foods are still good fruit and vegetables should necessarily be discarded after mold, bruises or soft surfaces can be removed with a knife. With sausage, care should be taken that this no color change or different smells up than usual. Dairy products should also immediately after mold growth be removed. Otherwise a small tasting is often sufficient if the food is still edible. Charlie waffles

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