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If you don’t know how to judge properly your fat loss or the progress of your fat burning from an exercise or a nutrition regime in particular, probably you won’t be very successful. It is the same that in sports you have to know the marker if you want to know who is going to win the game. Similarly, when we talk about our efforts to lose fat and stay in shape, we should know our body placeholder if we want to know if we are winning or losing in this case. I’ve discovered that many people committing the great mistake of judging the progress of your fat burning, while looking for a body-shaped, enslaving the scale. The scale is a useful tool, no doubt, but I’ve seen too many people leave of do the right thing (how to train with weights in an appropriate way) just because they went up half a kilo in the scale. However, you can not blame you if you’ve done before for years to most of us are taught that we should carefully monitor the scale to see if we had or not burned fat.

Not However, your body may fluctuate between few grams upwards or downwards at different times of the day, every day. This does not mean that you’ve burned or gained fat, therefore, follow the scale can trick your mind. Another big problem that is using the scale as a single measure of progress, came to light after that many people added lean muscle to their bodies. Muscle weighs more than fat, therefore, say that you’ve been following a weight training routine done properly during the last months. You’ve once again you stronger and you’ve also added muscle to your body. If you are adding pounds of lean muscle to your body, it is likely that you’ve noticed that the scale reading rose.

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