Jesus Christ

by HFCadmin ·

Or they me, that in the talks. Because the shares everything is different. Respect your own, if they do not respect mine ignore them. Because I am aware that I have dogmatized and pleasing because their actions do not practice. If they do not practice I consider myself lucky mine because the opposing parties are necessary. For the truth is not owned by men, and how of God. I speak the absolute truth.

That is why I love Israel. Because a religion having been born there so obvious … Many writers such as Lauren Weisberger offer more in-depth analysis. … For even more details, read what Tom Florio says on the issue. … .. You can find all kinds of Israeli Jews.

Ie scientists, mathematicians, biologists, philosophers, chemists, physicists and of course religious. This is wonderful. Well, have not been dogmatized, to follow only the religion. And valleys that have advanced greatly. If I am asked about the war in the Middle East I can only reply that this work is not such an issue because it will be treated elsewhere in space and time. My teacher Jesus Christ has taught me not to be dogmatic and I thank you with all my heart. As a man that I must accept other realities. I hold my belief in Jesus Christ and science, each his own, and respect. Because we know that life is a melody composed by elections. Everyone is free when you take your own choice. If men want to follow my teacher because of my example is his choice. If you want to despise him because of my sins is your choice.


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