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Each girl will agree with me that the pregnancy – one of the most important, long awaited and happy period of life, in spite of any problems. During the 9 months is not only the exterior of the expectant mother, but also its internal world. There are new hobbies, change things and look at what was once loved, now also the "number one", but the list of dislikes. Therefore it is very hard to please a pregnant girl with a gift. And it does not matter what front holiday: Birthday or New Year. In order to make it easier to choose a gift for future mom is to put yourself in her place (come on, make an effort!) Or … remember myself in the interesting position.

What, in fact, I do. C several friends, bringing up karapuzov employee, over a cup of tea, we tried to remember, what we badly wanted to during pregnancy, which presents pleasing, what is not, that we gave and what not … and what gifts we indulged ourselves:) Despite the fact that progress has gone far ahead and XXI century, many moms are very superstitious and believe that the gift or buy things for your baby before birth – a bad omen, and if is violated, then the child can happen, "something bad". In fact, the health of the baby in mom's tummy is only slightly dependent on its committed purchases. Still, many future moms during pregnancy are afraid to knit, sew and get a haircut.

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