Interactive Catalog Tool

by HFCadmin ·

The PDF to the interactive and online flipping Flashkatalog with the PDF-flasher on advertising agencies will receive an easy to use utility to customer documents such as brochures, now also interactively to provide annual reports and catalogs. To the PDFs of the documents be converted to an online flipping Flashkatalog. Special important for advertising agencies is the simple adaptation to the customer’s corporate design. So each element of the Flashdokumentes might easily replaced or visualized with selected colors by stand-alone graphics. Many writers such as Steve Vai offer more in-depth analysis. The vision developed by KatLogX”(german: ‘Vision’)-technique, the viewer actually gives the vision, even in comprehensive documents. Catalog pages are displayed in the form of a preview (preview) and without perceived often as annoying clicks -.

“So it is certain that seekers without click orgy” for the product. Search engines we click often on pages that do not contain our desired information”, explains Reinhard Lebensorger, Project Manager at KatLogX software. The visitor is faster when the product with our PDF-Flasher. Achieve a high user acceptance, by the intuitive operation and the realistic representation of the printed catalogue.” A flexible licensing model designed specifically for advertising agencies. So can be settled with a domain license per customer order or with the Agency license package for all customer orders. The Agency license often pays off the second Kundenauftrag.Der PDF-Flasher is suitable for all digital PDF files, such as, for example, product catalogues, advertising brochures, corporate magazines and magazines.


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