Initial Professional Qualification

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They are the first changes in the Educative Statutory law of 2006. The students who do not finish THAT will obtain a certificate of Basic Competitions. The Cabinet has approved today the Real Decrees that modify the fourth course of the Obligatory Secondary Education and the new arrangement of the Professional Formation, both driven by minister of Education Angel Gabilondo. The reform of THAT tries to deepen in the character adviser of the fourth course being established three routes different for the students and reforming the Programs from Initial Professional Qualification. The new FP looks for to make flexible and to extend the supply of studies to adapt them with more facility to the demands of the socioeconomic surroundings. The educative Administrations that wish them to it will be able to put already in practice in the next educative calendar, but of they will be forced fulfillment in course 2012-2013. Both, including in the Law of sustainable Economy, are the first reforms of the Educative Statutory law of 2006. New 4 of THAT three new matters will be introduced: Feeding, nutrition and health; Sciences applied to the professional activity and professional Direction and enterprising initiative.

All the students will have to attend a series of matters common and to choose the three matters of one of the options or two matters of an option and one third of the common ones. In the itineraries, one goes more centering to the artistic thing and Plastic and Visual letter-Education, Latin, Music, another one towards science-Biology and Geologa, Physics and Chemistry, Technology and a third party would direct towards FP-Feeding, Nutrition and Health, Sciences Applied to the Professional Activity, and Technology. The access to the programs to Initial Professional Qualification will reform in addition, before calls Social Guarantee. They will go ahead a course, so that the students can enter them the 15 years and not the 16, like until now. This caused that the students in their majority repeated like minimum a course before acceding. They will last of two years and they will allow to enter a FP of average degree. Another newness is that the students who finalize THAT without obtaining the Graduated one will receive a called official certificate of Basic Competitions.

This will allow them, in case of returning to the studies, not having to repeat the subjects that approved in their previous attempt. The Professional Formation With the reform, the modules of Initial Professional Qualification, the specialization courseses of the formative cycles will be included in this type of education to complete the FP and the programs for young people majors of 17 years that left the studies prematurely. In addition the possibilities will be extended to accede both at FP levels. For means, the access possibility is gotten up after the Programs of Initial Professional Qualification and bridge will be able to be happened through a course from the FP of Average degree to the one of Superior. Until now, they had to be registered first in Baccalaureate or to test of access.


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