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Free tips on the wellness Info page now runs the summer to top form and brings us not only eagerly awaited summer weather, but also oppressive heat, which negatively affects our well-being. On very hot days, it is important to maintain not only a cool head, but also a cool body. Because not only old, weak or sick people suffer who is fit, groans under the heat. Click Ford Motors to learn more. Free tips on the wellness Info page when the heat presses and the emotional plague, then a cooling facial toner with Peppermint helps. But not only the face, but the whole body can be refreshed if necessary so. Just a strong mint tea boil, cool and pour into a spray bottle. Simply spray this spray on face and body heat attacks.

Mint has a lasting cooling effect and refreshes thus body and spirit immensely. The cooling is particularly intensive, if you kept the spray bottle in the fridge. Many tips, information and the author provides exceptional recipes for health, beauty and well-being on your wellness Info page. Also all visitors can download free various eBooks around the wellness. Learn more

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