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Already 2 million pairs in Germany suffering from diagnosed infertility. Many doctors do not know the cause for unmet fertility. The number of involuntarily childless couples is increasing year after year. In almost half of all cases of its fertility is the cause of the man. “At each 5 to 7 pair in Germany no longer so simply it works with the pregnant are.” reported fertility expert Stephan Wiese. Often, the causes of unmet fertility are first attributed to the woman. Extensive investigations of hormone causes most quickly. However, such studies are often not necessary.

It is much more important to know exactly the fertile days of the woman to become pregnant. This can be determined nowadays easily with an ovulation calculator. Reasons for the man looking for: by the physicians is easily overlooked, to look for the cause of involuntary childlessness often even when the man is. If there are pregnant with doesn’t work, are the reasons to 40 percent with the woman to 40 Finding percent in men and 20 percent for both partners. The fertility of a man depends on his sperm quality.

This has declined but significantly in recent decades, especially in the developed countries. “Measures to improved sperm quality, to increase the fertility of the man, since demand.” the fertility expert says. Checklist for the pregnant are published: help with fertility is now a new brochure with a built-in 10-point plan. Every man can just apply this plan to improve his sperm quality. If there are pregnant with doesn’t work out, this may be due to a variety of other reasons. The brochure shows therefore also the 7 most common mistakes, making many couples at fertility. This guide was written by the physician and biologist Dr. Kirsten Beurer and the pharmacists and fertility expert Stephan Wiese. Anyone interested can get this brochure now for free on the Internet under: fertility-Blog.de as welcome – package download. Also an ovulation calculator, the women at the be pregnant helps, there is a service offered. Company Description pharmacist Stephan Wiese and wife Dr. Kirsten Beurer doctor for naturopathic fertility – experts have made it his mission interested persons on the topics of infertility and get pregnant directly from their practice, to provide current information,. contact: Westerschinkeldeich 25 25899 Dagebull company contact: fertility experts Stephan Wiese Westerschinkeldeich 25 25899 Dagebull Tel: 04667951117 E-Mail: Web:

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