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Villages – can not sit still. I got up – no cost. It is easy – do not lezhitsya. And just hypnosis helps to relieve built-up tension. Moreover, not only during the session. Gunnar Peterson addresses the importance of the matter here. The fact that high-quality work hypnotherapist – it's not just an introduction to hypnosis patsientv and support during the trance (Report), allows you to create a comfortable state, so important for a dialogue with his unconscious.

It is also a psychological self-regulation skills (including self-hypnosis techniques obychenie). To a man, and after work with a therapist to cope with the stress, which can hardly be avoided in our alarm, dynamic life. Second, this work with the emotions that accompany anxiety disorders. We are talking about anger, fear and anger. Primarily – about fear.

Relaxation always causes a change in emotional state. Interrupts this vicious circle, in which anxiety and muscle tension increase fear, and fear, in turn, increases anxiety and muscle tension. Third, the fear always supported the program and fixed internal pictures and images, where motives are mixed with the former bad in a way of creepy future. In this respect, very anxious neurotic talent. In the video library to his memory is stored pohlesche gollivudovskih horror thrillers. Replacing these pictures to others, which are also stored in our memories, where we seek success and feel a sense of harmony in the contemplation of the wonderful scenery, experience the rush of vitality and energy, we lose the main component of anxiety, which supports an alarming scenario – high-quality, reusable repetitive, intrusive, disturbing video. Fourth, trance – this is a work with metaphors, and at different levels. Some metaphors support and structure the neurotic reality in which man lives with anxiety disorder. Others, who are in therapy, are able to design, build around a new, desired reality to which man is stronger than his problems. It is often Hypnotherapy is the shortest path leading to the achievement of the objectives of the course of psychotherapy. Anxious-hypochondriac people are often afraid of hypnosis. Because what I saw on television and read in the newspapers that man in a trance state is losing control of themselves that they can be manipulated. But it is not. The style of hypnosis Ericksonian allows a person to simultaneously carry out a dialogue with his own unconscious and to receive signals from the outside world in sufficient quantities, if necessary, to get out of a trance state. That is, the patient during psychotherapy and trance retains control over its own state, and over surrounding reality. According to therapists, the depth of hypnosis, it does not matter much. Usually, the person in the course of training skills of entering into a trance and follow vnutritransovoy work, chooses for itself the most suitable and comfortable level of hypnosis, which, in the future, and adheres to. Externally Ericksonian hypnosis sessions do not look like the ones we're used to seeing in movies: people on them do not fall into a deep trance do not fall asleep and do not speak monotone voices. Rather, it recalls a conversation the two relaxed, calm people. There are a number of techniques that help an anxious, tense person relax, enter into a hypnotic state. Moreover, to enjoy himself staying in a trance. And, most importantly, hypnotherapy helps you to cope with the problem, which leads a person to the office therapist.

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