How To Lose Weight

by HFCadmin ·

We all like to achieve the ideal weight and stay there. For some this is no problem. They eat whatever they want and yet not fattening. Daryl Katz: the source for more info. For others, however, the ideal weight seems an unattainable goal. Constantly monitor what they eat, go hungry … and yet fail to even maintain your weight.

What is that? and, most important Is it possible to achieve and maintain weight loss without major sacrifices? Why do some people find it so difficult to lose weight? The answer lies in metabolism. Metabolism is the set of reactions and physical-chemical processes that allow the various activities of the cells, grow and reproduce, maintain their structures, responding to stimuli, etc.. To perform these functions, the cells consume energy (calories) obtained from the food we eat. The metabolic system also stores energy as fat to have an energy reserve. When we get rid of what we usually do is eat less, eliminate a meal (Breakfast or dinner), or stop eating foods that "fat." These measures tend to work at first. But, eventually, stop working, and eventually recovered the lost weight and add a few kilos more. This response of our body is due to the metabolic system reacts to food shortages. The metabolic system slows down its functions to: save energy, recover their reserves, and increase them to meet this "shortage." It is a defense mechanism, the body adapts to survive on less energy. How to achieve and maintain weight loss? There are two important aspects to take into account in reaching that goal.


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