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Home library is usually collected in two ways. The first – a cumulative, ie, library contains books, which are chosen randomly enough, without specific rules. The second option – a collector. In this case, Books are selected systematically. But in both cases there is a problem of storage. Most often, for a home library option is selected with the storage of books in a bookcase. If the library is "cumulative" type, then often a case simply overflows.

Books are beginning to put in two rows, putting them at each other, etc. As a result, find the book becomes a huge problem, just shelves sag, and the appearance of the book collection creates impression of the district library. Well, if the closet doors deaf or tinted glass, and if not? Then the interior can be simply spoiled – messily laid ruin the whole look of the book. It would seem that the problem of small – enough to buy another bookcase and achieve accuracy. But for one more cabinet have extra space, and find the cupboard is ideal for interior hard. Also, to get a book should do too much Action – Open the door or push the glass, get a book, close the closet with the books …

If you work all the time, then this process will be really annoying. In the case of the collection assembly, this problem often is not so sharply – from the cabinet gets the book is not too often. But your collection will no longer decorate the room – behind the glass doors and it is just not visible. But it turns out there is a very simple way, which many simply do not guess – this is a book shelf. This storage option is the most popular books in Europe, is now widely spread in Russia. Of course, before bookshelves were quite ordinary part of the furniture. But what they were racks? Clumsy fiberboard with jagged edges, "cubic" form … Contemporary bookshelves – others. First, a set of materials from which they are made, now is really huge. This glass and metal and plastic, and wood different varieties – you name it. Second, modern book shelf – it's decoration, not just "store". You can pick up rack of arbitrarily complex design, which will serve not just a bookcase, and storage for CDs, stands for flowers, etc. Besides, the shelf due to lack of heavy "facade" does not clutter the space, looks and light tracery. This is extremely important if supposed to use it in a trendy interior is now open space. In this case, the rack can be used even as a wall – it is convenient and modern. For sure you encountered similar decisions in interior design magazines. A access to content? Compare book shelves and cabinets is simply impossible! In the case of shelf – just reach out and pick up a book. No unnecessary movements – one of convenience. In the case of the Collector's book collection rack can only fulfill the role of windows, allowing the book to show to advantage. In this case, the interior can be built around this book collection, but not around the furniture. Thus, a book shelf – it's not just modern and trendy, but nice and comfortable. That's why more and more people are choosing other furniture shelves, replacing them with success not only in bookcases, furniture and classic wall, kitchen corners, etc. Ltd. " Shelves' Development Director Ilya furniture company Rostokin D.


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