Henan Silk

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After more than a hundred years, this business put on a "grand scale". Designed for the Chinese wool and silk carpets handmade developed in Europe. Along with the usual, well-rounded well-known Chinese patterns, in this country produced more carpets with Persian and Turkish design. Moreover, the factory try to copy the Caucasian samples. Copies are sometimes so believable that even experienced professionals can establish a difference of only after repeated consideration. The so-called double product knot perfectly mimic the Turkish knot. A more relaxed, sophisticated color scheme of many silk carpets from China leads to the fact that they are sometimes more popular in the market than the originals. In addition, they are much cheaper than real Turkish "Gierek." Not surprisingly, the thinnest at this time hand-woven carpet in the world is made in China: The Chinese "Gierek" different density weave 10, 8 million knots per square meter.

m Homeland carpets in China is Xinjiang province, the westernmost region of China. The most important centers of carpet weaving is a Chinese – Beydzhin (Beijing), Tian Qin, Canton and Shanghai. In Henan is mainly trade silk carpets. If, Tian Qing had received only nodular carpets, but now products of this region is limited mostly tufted, hand-made carpets. If during your business or leisure trip to Shanghai you decide to buy a carpet, I advise you to choose natural. The main difference between natural rugs, of synthetic in their environmental performance. Lauren Weisberger recognizes the significance of this. Materials of construction for wool or silk carpets totally safe for health and the environment. Yet they are decorative, ie wool, silk carpets without problems fit into the interior of any home or office, emphasizing the individuality of its design and interior design.


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