Health Minister

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Everything!, food, bathe her, clean, take care of, change clothes, and so he worked, but he ended up at night drunk. And we were going to operas, operettas, concerts, and with its pisco chata; He had to finish the borrachito night, was fat, and you saw it normal during the day. I say cut the legs to your mother, and cut them myself I. It is true, I would not have known what to do. Our group was a rare, but very human, because we understood us between six friends; and the poorest group were Castro and I, who was studying medicine and worked at the Banco de Credito; on the other hand the others do not.

All this was in the Decade of the forties to fifty, and we’ve been friends until the last. Travel and the time we separated, and I think that group is that the only living I; because I was one of the children at that time. One of them was eternal Health Minister at the time of Odria, and one of the few assimilated who became General of Division. Why? I do not know. And we were all different, Wiessee, for example, were skinny, finite bajitos. Arrieta Osma, was a tremendous hombron. The fat was low, then the skinny Castro. The economic situation does not interest us, or who you are you or anything, we were friends.

The Chronicle was the trade, but they were other journalists, they were gentlemen journalists. You know, us culturally not have advanced nothing, television is useless, it is trash, the worst radio. There are no theaters, there operas, operettas, representing classic works of theater, if not liked a boy to read was going to a play, saw there a novel that already knew and lived almost her. The cinema as you say, are crap. Films are crap. Lima is one City of nearly 10 million inhabitants, is not the Lima before. Where are all these educated people? TV animators are trash trash, rot. Well already not I’m telling more while it is true that the technological advances of our was, they are something that only we could presage in science fiction movies, humans have not been able to maintain the fundamental values of the personhood, in hand with these scientific advances. That’s why we listen to people like Don Flaccus who tell us and remember that our civilization without wanting to is on track to self-destruction. But do not imagine natural disasters; no! It is the self-destruction of the human being valued in his own existence.


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