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Synthetic turf is one of those innovative products that gives us the wide variety on the market that exists in the world today. In the world there are many people who prefer to use natural grass instead of the use of synthetic turf, we will explore some of the advantages and disadvantages that are in the use of synthetic turf and natural grass. One of the advantages that mentioned the natural turf on the synthetic turf users is that natural grass texture is very soft and feels great to walk barefoot on the. On the contrary, synthetic grass usually feel very hard or rough for people who like to walk on the grass. In addition, these people who prefer the natural turf on the synthetic turf is a relaxing sensation you feel when walking on the first, on the other hand synthetic turf does not generate feeling of this type. This advantage is particularly important for those people who need your lawn for recreation or rest.

As the grass that can be used in the garden of the House, on the patio or in a park. At these sites is not common to see an artificial turf, because this is especially useful in sports fields, such as golf courses, Football Hall, football field, five football, rugby, etc. And who wants a grass not always need it for purposes of relaxation and rest, with respect to this advantage of the natural turf on the synthetic turf you can only say that it depends on the needs and tastes of those who want to acquire it. Another advantage mentioned those who prefer the natural turf on the synthetic turf is that the synthetic turf puts smooth when wet, which causes many accidents at home or at the place where the synthetic turf is installed. On the contrary, natural grass has a texture that has no synthetic grass which helps to not be so slippery once it gets wet, thus avoiding accidents at home that can be fatal, especially in much older people.

This advantage It also depends much on the needs of each person. Many times the synthetic turf is installed in places that are hardly going to get wet, or because they are closed because they are not intended for this type of use. That is why that doesn’t matter to these synthetic turf users much this inconvenience. Those who prefer synthetic turf often say that natural grass usually require much effort in planting in the care that must be taken to keep it live to keep an adequate level of growth to make it look beautiful. They say that synthetic turf does not need so many care or knowledge as if it is required the use of the natural turf and for reasons of time and dedication considered that it is preferable to synthetic turf to natural grass. Perhaps those who prefer synthetic turf that say this natural lawn have their large part of reason at this point, because natural grass requests much care that it does not require synthetic turf. However, we must also recognize that the synthetic grass needs special care that not only require attention of their owner, but usually large maintenance costs. Original author and source of the article

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