Florentino Perez

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There’s no time. Now the most important moment of the Presidency of Florentino Perez, the precursor of the evangelization of the Cristiano, the pattern of excellence, the guardian of the lordship. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jim Hackett. Corresponds to, without delay, preach if Real Madrid wants to be Real Madrid of his words or the Estudiantes de la Plata, eternal symbol of football camorrista and quarrelsome. Neither more nor less that that, deliberately or not, seems advocating Jose Mourinho, elevated to CEO of the club by the own Florentino Perez. The Super Cup, both in the first leg in the round, has unmasked him. In the first leg, in an imaginary tantrum against an umpire who blessed the Real Madrid being mounted another grotesque of ventriloquism with Karanka loading in Portuguese at the press conference. In Barcelona, crazy by Messi, who is not a referee, who knows, be portrayed before Tito Vilanova, the second of Pep Guardiola, who assaulted in cobardica way and then, far from apologizing, failed to respect with Peacock air: do not know who is this Vila Pito. Measured most of Mou was not accuse Vilanova doing theatre and getting himself the finger into the eye. Nor requested his expulsion or blamed to Unicef or the alivertila of conspiring in favor of Tito. Source of the news:: A finger in the eye of Florentino Perez

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