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Buy a tape fitness depends mainly on your goal, this will be your first and main question at the moment of choosing. I.e., it is not the same purchased a tape to walk an hour every day that buying one as a preparation for a marathon. The characteristics of your fitness tape will be different. What you need is essential when buying choose one. Here are some tips to consider when choosing – how much space do you have? If the room where you will put your tape has two meters and you buy a tape that holds just two meters you almost certainly you won’t exercise, probably because you have to put the tape on other side, or if you do it enter you will feel so tight that use it will be an uncomfortable experience. -Do you want something folding? If it is so what size you need that I will drape? It also measures that aspect. Does it have wheels? What is so heavy? Many are sold as folding but move it turns out that it is very difficult.

If it is difficult to move or even you will want to use it – how much weight do you think to put you on top? All fitness tapes have a maximum weight limit, and many people don’t realize that. Some bear 150 kilos, others up to 200 kilos. If you choose yours she considers this. And do not buy one that you get just the weight limit. -Ergonomics and layout of the Ribbon is also important. Make sure that the fasteners are comfortable.

If it will be used by older people or that they have problems with balance I would recommend a static bicycle rather than a tape, but if you plan to use it and grab the handlebars, check that you can truly make it comfortably. Even other safety accessories can also help you much, as the key that comes with some models that come out (by fall for example) tape stops, thats a very common accessory and is important for sedentary people or with the previous drawbacks. -Tilt is another point to consider, so if you consider more intense training as do slopes in your tape, then tilt is a duty. -Do you walk, run, the two? This is important for a special aspect: the impact. Most of the tapes are acolchonadas to some extent. You will hear terms such as impact absorption systems and flex for example. Padded straps is important, and is an advantage that you should look for in your new tape. To finish other points to keep in mind are the screen of the console, tilt, speed range, the motor, and the most important of all according to my experience: that try. Please do not start a program without check with a doctor, especially are greater than 40 man or woman over 50.


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