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Pencil Internal century can be easily distinguished by the inscription on the pencil – is the prefix Khol or Kajal. Often the first use a pencil French brand, and the second – for everyone else, but they mean essentially the same thing. The very word "kaya" comes from ancient India, where so-called contour your eyes. Remember the make-up of Indian characters movies, and all will understand. For more information see Sharon McNally. Pencil is soft enough to not injure the delicate lining of the century (as the lower and upper), and very rich in color, indicating that the content in it for the most part pigment. Good quality pencil for long stays, but as soon as you apply it to the external upper eyelid, it is immediately printed. Typically, a white pencil exists only in the form of Kaya, in his opinion the application becomes more clear protein – a white, visually eye increases. The use of other colors is limited only by your imagination.

Finishing touches Eyebrow pencil – one of the most important of pencils. Eyebrows define your character and character make-up, so they are the most important detail of the face and should always be well groomed. This type of liner is perhaps the most dense mass and must always be well sharpened in order to draw the eyebrows do not solid line, and flavorful natural strokes. Tassel on the cap of the pen (usually it is) will allow you to feather the image and make it virtually invisible to other people's eyes. For shade eyebrows should not be different from the hue of your hair or be on a darker tone for blondes and lighter one – for brunettes.

There are also pens for correcting small defects on the face. They may be green hues (For use on redness or inflammation of the skin) and any bodily – from ivory to chocolate tan. Pencils nail in their classic form is a white mass, often on a clay base. In obtained from its use trendy European version manicure – French. These pencils, some manufacturers recommend the use of moist, lightly moistened with water, and some in classic – dry. It all depends on the composition of a pencil. As you can see, the choice of big. Try it, draw and take the risk, and you will succeed. Good luck! 'Academy of Beauty' Fitness Club 'Kimberley Land'

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