Executive Bureau for Evaluation and Approval

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Should not be possible to complete the above named, will be submitted for consideration a proposal of the Executive Bureau for evaluation and approval. Hear other arguments on the topic with Wendy Rene. 12.9. It is considered elected to the steering or candidates receiving the most votes. In the case of a tie, contribute to a new election the candidates only. 12.10. Leadership positions whenever possible, are not professional, are paid directly for their exercise. In cases where it is necessary to be able to create positions of managerial or administrative nature, to facilitate compliance and control functions approved by the appropriate level and develops the organization at various levels. For those members or other personnel performing any activity in the interest of the Association or fulfilling their objectives, they may receive remuneration by contract or as a stimulus to the results of their work.

12.11. At the levels of nation and provinces may set up the Group of Experts, which will consist of members whose knowledge, training and preparation level on issues related to disaster reduction or Veterinary Desastrologia, they are useful to Association for the fulfillment of its objectives and activities. In this respect shall be produced additional documents governing the organization and functioning of the groups above, which will be developed and approved by the National Bureau. 12.13. The SCMVCD at different levels can establish direct links or special work, cooperation agreements or other arrangements with the various scientific societies that make up the CCVC or other state institutions, nongovernmental, or other, conducive to the implementation or enhancement of objectives and activities that have been approved in the bylaws of our Association.

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