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a Everybody's Picross "is a challenging free! Traditionally, the game "Picross", born in Europe but is now so popular in Japan, consists of a grid with numbers. Your goal is to mark the boxes in black to show the hidden mysterious image. Normally the images are easy: animals, flowers, but it is not easy to determine its shape and location of the image. The numbers tell us how many squares in that row or column must be marked. Accordingly, the player must use the logic of their thinking and memory to reveal the hidden puzzle to win.

It is assumed that the game of Picross has been created to play as the squares marked with a pencil, but this version of online game allows players to take advantage of more possibilities. So why is it called "Everybody's Picross"? If the original game is quite complicated and should only people with skills highly developed logic, this variation is considered be conducive to more people. What happens is that here you can configure two different game modes: arcade mode and real. As indicated in the a tutoriala of this puzzle game, arcade mode is perhaps less realistic, but much easier to play. The arcade mode gives you some hints in that part the image is reality. But there is a downside: when the game gives you the blows, the player is penalized with time, so you have to hurry up and think faster.

Speaking of a great advantage to play arcade mode, even if you do not have much experience in this game but if you're a patient person, you're always able to solve a puzzle through memory, trial and error. If the player prefers the real mode where there is no requirement to sign, he is not penalized with time. On the one hand it is better to play because the player does not have to hurry, but otherwise you can go for a long time through a wrong path if you're not careful. (Source: Daryl Katz). Remember that playing the real mode be cautious and think before you act is the key to become a winner. To mark the square, click your mouse. To deselect just click again. Although the concept of the game at first seem very clear yet Picross is considered one of the most difficult to play. If you want you can read tips on strategies to win in the main menu. The nice touch is that you can choose the melody for the game according to your tastes among the available options. Diviertete and enjoy the challenges of this free online puzzle game! Anastartem

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