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I love dining at restaurants during the weekend. I am always with a friend to share a delicious dinner and some drinks afterwards, especially on Saturday. In addition, today, searchable any information over the internet, so if someday I don’t know restaurant choose how I live near Sitges, busco online restaurants in sitges and google gives me a good selection of restaurants. I only choose the restaurant that is most appropriate for my tastes. Last week I went to dinner with a friend at an Italian restaurant in Sitges called Pura Vida. It was an exquisite gastronomic experience.

We ate a carpaccio by head as a starter and a first Italian pasta dish (I asked for a pasta with Eggplant and my friend a few ravioli with boletus sauce) and conclude the dinner with a typical sweet home that left us very satisfied. In addition, after dinner, we sat in the huge local bar used as a cocktail bar and ask a couple of cocktails, whose round again because we liked a lot. We went out of the happy restaurant and continue our night at home of a couple who had organized a party for the anniversary of their wedding. Today, with having an internet connection, you can get information about many restaurants, even for dinner at sitges, which is a town that even has thirty thousand inhabitants according to the 2008 census data. In addition, a table can be booked by internet provided that the chosen restaurant has some reservation system online and that allows us to organize our dinner even more easily. If someone decides to dine in this charming village in the Garraf, recommend search Sitges restaurants in a search engine.

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