Ecological Gifts For Newborns

by HFCadmin ·

Today, climate change, ecology, GMOs and the environment are issues that concern us. For even more analysis, hear from Cindy Crawford. In the current power find products that do not know anything or have lost their original flavor, eat foods without really knowing what we're eating …. And this concern is even greater at the time of having a child because the baby food is a key factor in the first months of life. Through breast milk, the child receives the nutrients essential for growth, so that the mother should eat a healthy diet in order to offer a high quality nutritious food. After a few months, complementary feeding begins: porridge cereals, pureed vegetables, fruit jars …, which often are bought and prepared for convenience, but without thinking of the origin or development of such products. To avoid these concerns and, thinking of a natural supply and quality for both the mother and the child, have launched the "basket ecobaby." A basket of gift for newborns, made up of source products officially certified 100% organic, ranging from Jabugo ham (a food "forbidden" to the mother during pregnancy), chocolates, homemade pastries, chocolate, etc.., toiletries Baby, baby food and clothes made from organic cotton, which makes it a healthy alternative to synthetic fabrics can irritate your delicate skin.

And do not forget the father, offering the possibility of including an organic wine to choose from Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Toro. Note that the proposed wine DO Toro (Volvoreta, Vini NUNTIA Warehouse) has been studied by the University of Barcelona for their beneficial properties against the development of tumors and palliative. (More information in the organic certification ensures that all products have been produced without the use of chemicals and processed without the addition of artificial substances (additives, colorants, flavors, aromas) as making them healthy food, nutritious, tasty and friendly environment. And following these principles of care of the environment, wicker basket that contains all the products can be reused as storage drawer next to the shifter all things baby.


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