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Shading on the winter garden is mostly important – but how should be shaded? A winter garden is a paradise for people and plants, light-flooded, spacious, and full of elegance. Winter gardens are trendy and used throughout the year. In the summer, however, staying in the “green paradise” can become the heated matter. Global warming is the cause: the short-wave sunlight can flow unhindered through the large glazed area. This heat all objects which are located behind the glass surfaces. The resulting thermal radiation is however well wide and is well reflected by the glass. The result: The room behind glass heats up considerably in a very short time and it is more than uncomfortably warm. Sunscreen from “Small paradise”, winter garden is no uncomfortable headlock in the summer, in winter garden it is advisable to install appropriate shading systems.

Get the best protection with an effective external shading. This keeps the aggressive rays of the Sun even before off the glass surface. Including high quality sun protection films offer best sunscreen, outside laid. They reduce the radiation from the Sun by up to over 80% and deliver to a 99% UV protection. You point of view from the inside to the outside remains freely and there is a pleasant, glare-free light. Sunscreen offers unobstructed view to the outside. There are even special films for plastic roofs (double-walled, etc.) where no conventional solar control films must be laid.

Now a sun protection is only effective, but if it is used at the right moment. But who is already around the clock at home? And here is the big advantage of the sunscreen. She must not be operated, needs no maintenance and is more than a cheap alternative to traditional shading. There are even “Teflon” coated solar control films making a cleaning of the roof as well as unnecessary. Dirt and grime are rinsed with the next rain. The truth is: first one builds up a beautiful winter garden of glass and when even the Sun seems to hang him again with awnings or similar. You have hardly view outward, probably the awning moves to wind upwards again, it starts to rain and then she must go back in. The winter garden is covered in the beautiful sunshine. In addition, incomplete takes a slide of the Sun’s energy but prevents rapid overheating. Foil-coated conservatories are not “hung” winter gardens, but are were as they once planned and built, and yet with a very good sun protection. Contact for press inquiries: undertaking-point Eberhard Braun on the Heath 1A 56424 Staudt 02602-9995282-02602-9995281

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