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Hello and welcome my enterprising beloved, in this article I will speak on your emprendimientos and microemprendimientos to you. In specific about level five of the classification of investors and already almost arriving at the end of this great series of articles on this subject. Crucial for your economic future and financial education. I recommend to you to continue reading you do not forget that this article has been written based on the book of Robert Kiyosaki and which I recommend to read obligatorily to enjoy all the content value that this one contains on subjects of businesses and emprendimientos. We already begin to describe this level of investors: () These investors can occur to the luxury to put in practice more aggressive or risky strategies of investment. Why? Because they have good habits related to the money, a solid cash basis and also knowledge on the investments.

() – and we began to mention the level of the investors who in himself are true successful investors. This level five has the sufficient one financial comfort like allowing itself to lose money in its learning on the investments since their habit-mentality-actions are aligned with the economic wealth. () they are not inexperienced players. They are concentrates, are not diversified generally. They have a historial length in which they have won of consistent way and they have had sufficient losses that have provided them the wisdom that only obtains when committing errors and to learn of them. () – Due to that they are allowed to lose money to gain experience and to happen through the curve of learning of the investments, then they did and in its way to become excellent investors they have committed errors and still better: they learned of them and now they own the necessary experience to realise winning investments. We have arrived at the end of this article and I would like invitarte blog where I speak of these subjects with greater clarity and detail. I also recommend to you to investigate on financial education since it is of cuts fundamental for your businesses and finances. I take leave and I wish the best thing you.


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