Diagono Bvlgari

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Established by the silversmith Greek; Bulgari more than one century ago in Rome, Bulgari is one of the largest producers of jewelry in the world, only behind giants such as Tiffany and Cartier. In 1977, having decided that he wanted to expand into the industry of watches, Bulgari engaged the services of Gerald Genta to design a Bulgari watch line that would be consistent with the overall look and the feeling generated by the Bulgari jewelry. The first clock produced by Genta was known as the BulgariBulgari, because he had the name of the Bulgari brand recorded twice on the bezel of the watch. Currently, Bulgari is known for its complex watches that contain several complications incorporated into a base of precise mechanisms. In recent years, Bulgari has laboriously expanded its line of production beyond jewelry to sunglasses, scarves, leather items and a variety of other products. It has also demonstrated its commitment with their clocks through the purchase of Daniel Roth and Gerald marks Genta. The acquisition of these brands gave as result a variety of clocks with new designs and security you can say that Bulgari is quickly being established as a company with which deal in the industry of high quality watches. In 2008, Bulgari celebrated the 20th birthday of its Diagono model, which was its first minibus successful clock.

Derived from the word agon, which in Greek means fight or competition, the design of the Diagono remained true to its name. The clock was designed to incorporate an imminent movement sensation that fraction of a second of preparation and tension until something explode in movement. a> if you seek more information. Sharp corners, clean geometric shapes and a combination of innovative materials and colours give the Diagono a cosmetic appearance only, very different from a common wrist watch. With the arrival of the twentieth anniversary of the Diagono Bvlgari unveiled a production Diagono line to commemorate the occasion.


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